The AVSIMM is a keypad engine immobiliser that provides protection against car key / remote control theft. It requires the driver to enter a PIN number into the keypad before the engine can be started. The unit automatically arms itself whenever the vehicle ignition is turned off. The AVSIMM also features a valet mode for when your car is being serviced or valet parked so you do not have to provide your PIN to a stranger.

Product features:
• Adds an additional vehicle security layer with a user programmable 4-digit PIN code.
• Automatically arms 30 seconds after ignition is turned off.
• Immobilises up to 2 engine circuits if code is not entered correctly ie starter motor and fuel pump.
• Utilises "onboard" 30A engine immobilisation relays - more secure than inferior external relay type
• Compact size backlit keypad for easy code entry day or night. Keypad is not illuminated whilst driving.
• Flashing blue LED on keypad when armed.
• Audible confirmation beeps for arm/disarm and other functions.
• Valet mode extends arming period to 15 minutes for vehicle lending
• High security all-black wiring installation

Arming: Manual / Automatic (30 seconds after ignition turned off)
Code: 4 digits (Cannot be 4 of the same number ie 1111)
Code Attempts: Locks for 1 minute after 3 failed attempts
Dimensions (Immobiliser): 71 x 57 x 32mm
Dimensions (Keypad): 70 x 20 x 13mm
LED Indicator: Armed / Disarmed
Valet Mode: Enables max 15 min driving before auto-rearming.
Warranty (Years): 1

Shipping Weight and Dimensions
Includes product packaging
Width: 100 mm
Height: 150 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Weight: 0.30 kg