Which car alarm?

It can be daunting comparing the features of different car alarms to decide which is best for your vehicle. This reference guide can help you decide which AVS car alarm to choose. If you still have questions, please feel free to call us on 0800 438 862 or send us an email - our friendly team is here to help.

Which car alarm?

  • High risk car – choose an AS/NZ standards certified car alarm, such as one from the AVS A-Series and S-Series ranges (the AVS S-Series range is recommended for the highest risk vehicles)
  • If you want the best car alarm you can get – it’s got to be the AVS S5 car alarm
  • Your insurance company has asked you to fit a car alarm – we recommend a AS/NZ standards certified car alarm such as one from the AVS A-Series and S-Series ranges as they will meet specific insurance requirements
  • Low risk car – choose between the entry level AVS 3010 or one from the affordable AVS A-Series ranges
  • Turbo vehicles – choose one from from the A-Series and S-Series ranges which include the seamless turbo timer integration (using the alarm’s in-built turbo timer or integrating with an existing timer)
  • You want an easy to use, simple alarm with the minimum amount of fuss – choose from the AVS 3010 range
  • If you would like to use your car’s factory remote to operate the alarm – choose from the AVS A-Series and S-Series ranges or if you have a CAN-Bus vehicle, the AVS C-Series range
  • For tough remote environments where the remote will get a lot of use or be exposed to the elements – the AVS A-Series and S-Series and 3010 ranges include waterproof remotes
  • If you have a factory alarm but would like to improve the security of the vehicle – add any of the AVS sensor range with the AVS factory alarm upgrade
  • For tradespeople who carry tools or equipment – choose either the AVS A4 car alarm with a PIR sensor, or if you are in and out of the vehicle all the time perhaps choose from the AVS 3010 range which has no auto-immobilisation
  • New or nearly new vehicles with CAN-Bus operating systems – choose from the AVS C-Series range of CAN-Bus car alarms (or the AVS A-Series and S-Series ranges with the addition of the CAN-Bus translator)
  • For 24-volt vehicles – choose the 24-Volt S5 car alarm
  • If you want only an immobiliser with no alarm functions – choose the AVS S3 immobiliser
  • Courier driver – the A-Series and S-Series ranges both include courier function which allows the alarm to be armed while the car continues to run
  • Control your garage door with your AVS remote – using the A-Series and S-Series TX4-04 waterproof remotes and the garage door module
  • Control other devices with your AVS remote – control hydro suspension and other devices using the A-Series and S-Series TX4-04 waterproof remotes and the RXPRO receiver
  • Control more than one AVS car alarm with your remote – the AVS S-Series range has second vehicle control which allows you to control two vehicles (such as both family cars) with one AVS remote

Choosing the right upgrades

  • Full real time GPS tracking – stand alone or compatible with any AVS alarm which will include alarm trigger text and alarm state monitoring
  • To protect the wheels and tyres – choose the AVS digital tilt sensor (it will also trigger the alarm if the car is towed)
  • For convertible cars – add a microwave sensor to any AVS alarm
  • To protect the back of vans and trucks – add a PIR sensor to any AVS alarm
  • If you have really good stereo gear or are particularly concerned with protecting the cabin of the car – add an ultrasonic sensor and a screamer siren to any AVS alarm
  • To make even more noise if your car alarm is triggered – ask your installer to hook up horn honk or add a screamer siren to any AVS alarm
  • If your car has frameless windows (such as many Subaru models) – add an ultrasonic sensor to any AVS alarm
  • For cost effective assistance with reversing and parking – choose from the AVS parking sensor range which can be fitted after-market to any vehicle
  • To increase the safety and visibility of your car – add a camera and LCD monitor screen to any vehicle
  • If you have a commercial or 24-volt vehicle or fleet and wish to improve safety and visibility both behind and around the vehicle – choose from the AVS Commercial Safety Range of cameras and monitors suitable for harsh environments
  • If you have another brand of car alarm – in many cases it is possible to add AVS accessories to other car alarm brands

Common AVS car alarm Q&A

What is the warranty period on AVS car alarms?
All AVS car alarms have a 3-year product warranty.

Where can I buy AVS car alarms?
AVS has a nationwide installation and service network with installers and resellers all around New Zealand.

I have a high risk car
The AVS A-Series and S-Series car alarms are designed to protect high to medium risk vehicles including anything modified or turbo charged as they include features such as seamless turbo timer integration and optional factory remote control. Plus they are AS/NZS Standards Certified (3, 4, 5 Star Rated).

My insurance has asked for a Standards Certified or Star Rated alarm
If your insurance company has requested you instal an AS/NZS Standards Certified alarm, or Star Rated car alarm, choose from the AVS A-Series and S-Series ranges. See our car alarm FAQ for more info on the Standards Certification process.

I only want an easy to use, basic car alarm / my car is low risk
The AVS 3010 range is ideal for easy to use and reliable security without too many bells and whistles.

I’m a tradesperson with a work van or car
The AVS 3010 range is a popular option for trades vehicles as it comes with the robust AVS waterproof remotes, is easy to use, and has no automatic immobilisation which is great if you are stopping and starting the car many times each day.

What extra features are included in the AVS S5 over the AVS A5? They both have the same 5 Star rating…
The AVS S5 car alarm is our top of the range car alarm with many features over and above the requirements for a 5 Star Rating including:

  • Three immobilisers for maximum protection – only 2 are required for a Five Star Rating but we like to go a little further on our top models
  • Intelligent two stage shock sensor as well as the required glass break detector
  • Digital tilt sensor to protect your wheels – this is an industry first because we realised many of our customers have after-market wheels fitted to their cars or are concerned about the vehicle being towed

By comparison the AVS A5 has dual immobilisers and a glass break sensor only.

Why include three immobilisers when the Australian/New Zealand Standard and Star Rating system only require a car alarm to have two immobiliers?

The more immobiliser circuits a car alarm has the longer it will take a thief to by-pass so you have a better chance of keeping your car. The Star Rating system and AS/NZ Car Alarm Standards include minimum requirements a car alarm must meet to achieve certification. But if you want more than the bare minimum, choose from the AVS S-Series range.